Monday 23 April 2012

Olympic IT Scaremongering

I'm getting concerned that in some quarters at least, fear, ignorance and downright blatent scaremongering concerning the London 2012 Olympic Games is being given media space and airtime.
Take this for instance, Network Overload, Power Disruptions where the report highlights potential problems during the games, except that the issues cited are not specifically to do with the games themselves and rather on poor DR and continuity management that is present at all times.
I've attended a number of events, organised by the BCS, with the Head of Service Delivery (BT) for the games and based on the architecture and support services that will be provided, I cant see any disruption to communications or for that matter power during the games, why? because in the communications infrastructure is virtually new and separate from the current infrastructure and will become part of the national network after the games. On the power infrastructure side of things, it seems that people have forgotten that the games site was originally a light industrial area and has a upgraded power system.

So, we have the situation where some companies and commentators are conducting blatant scaremongering about the games, when in fact every possible angle has already been covered and tested, they should be ashamed of themselves and instead of bleating and creating problems should be getting behind the games or indeed speaking to those that actually know rather than going into print!

Sunday 22 April 2012

Comments Welcome

Here at Carbon3IT Ltd we're always looking for feedback on our services, products or views, so if you have any comments please get in touch.

Green IT Awards - Drinks with Snakes!

I've never had a drink with a snake, well actually I can think of a few individuals I have met with over the years that could be described as Serpentes or Ophidia, but never with an actually wriggling snake.
That was until last Thursday where the drinks and pre reception for the Green IT Awards was the reptile house at London Zoo, its quite unsetttling to be partaking of a glass of champagne under the watchful and to be honest baleful eyes of a long snake like creature, glaring as if to say "well, thank you very much, you come into my house, wake me up from my snooze and then you have the gall to drink in front of me!!"
Anyway, the awards were the usual mix of all encompassing "X of the Year, Y of the Year etc etc and I'm sure that all the receipients will be celebrating their inclusion into a green it hall of fame.
Well done to those that put their products or projects up for external assessment and received an award of some description, and commiserations to those that didn't win, there's always next year!

Monday 16 April 2012

EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres - Practical Quantifiable Savings

Is it worth it? Thats the question Stephen Bowe Phipps, data centre manager of the University of Hertfordshire asked recently after accumulating and reviewing a years worth of energy data from the renewly refurbished RARE-IDC Data Centre, well you can see what Steve had to say on  Steve's blog post.
But to my mind it speaks for itself, after a refurb costing about £400,000 the facilty now boasts a PUE of sub 1.3 (from it has to be said the upper 3.xx) is using substantially less energy and therefore carbon and the project has raised capacity.
So, implementing the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centre best practices will save you money.
We can offer advice and identify products that will assist you in making your data centre more energy efficient, push us and we may be able to help you become IT efficient too.
Full congratulations to Steve and his team at the University of Hertfordshire, if you can get nearly £200k of savings from a 75sqM data centre, imagine what you coud do with an enterprise class data centre.
Go on, you know you want to, get in touch with us soon to start your energy savings and green IT journey.