Tuesday 11 October 2016

Update - October 2016

Hmmm, where do I start?
Its been a great summer for us and we have a number of irons in the fire that I need to tell you all about.

Lets start with current projects.

The EURECA project www.eureca-project.eu continues and has reached a number of milestones, the first was the release of the beta version of the tool, this can be found on this link, registration is required. The training portfolio has also been released, although recent updates from beyond the project has required a review and possible amendments to the course content. The content is online but may be subject to change. The EURECA project will provide updates as required.
The project is due to be completed by September 2017 and we'll be organising a number of workshops in Paris, Stockholm, Barcelona and Brussels. Please visit the project website for more information.

We've completed a number of EU Code of Conduct for Data Centre (Energy Efficiency) applications for 2 customers, one based in the Nordic region and a global telecommunications company for their EU sites. This brings up the total of Carbon3IT Ltd assisted EUCoC applications in 2016 to 17 and we have another 6 in the pipeline to be fulfilled by Q1 2017.

We continue to work on an ISO standards project for a Nordic client, providing ISO22301/27001 Management Systems.

Our work with the Data Centre Alliance http://www.datacentrealliance.org/ continues with our chairing of the DCA energy efficiency steering group and providing support to the executive team.
The next DCA EE steering group will have its next meeting on the 31st October at the UEL in East London, registration is required and you can do that here

This meeting takes place the day before the DCD Zettastructure event so that delegates can attend both events without incurring additional costs.
Information on DCD Zettastructure can be found here
I'll be attending DCD Zettastructure working on behalf of the CEEDA team, more information on CEEDA can be found here
We've completed a number of CEEDA assessments this year and more are in the pipeline.

Our Sustainability for London (SFL) project, more info will launch on the 25th October 2016.
The launch event will take place as a part of the BCS Green IT SG AGM, registration is required and places are extremely limited and you are urged to register asap, the registration link can be found here
SFL was developed to meet the Mayor of London's energy and carbon targets and provides specific asistance to London based organisations and more importantly the use of ICT systems, datacentres, networks and user devices, based upon 5 pillars, for more information please visit the SFL website.

On that note, is been a relatively quiet year for the BCS Green IT SG but we have been working on our SFL project, but now that SFL is ready to be launched our focus will return to BAU after the AGM and we look forward to developing a full programme of events with the committee for the rest of 2016 and 2017

We have a number of irons in the fire for future projects, the first is a new ISO management systems client, this will be the implementation of 7 ISO standards for a data centre group based in the UK but with regional ambitions.
This client has also requested EUCOC applications for up to 7 sites in the UK.
We're also doing something else with this client that for the moment wil remain secret, save that if everything goes to plan, we are going to change the way a certain part of the datacentre industry works, more details when the plans have been finalised.

We've also been approached by another consortium to assist in the development of a new data centre site in the NW of the UK.

We're also involved with the DCA in a new EU project that will commence in Jan 2017 and whilst we've been writing this blog we've also be on a conference call for another project.

A note on BREXIT, whilst the mechanism of BREXIT is still being worked on by the UK government it is still very much business as usual here at Carbon3IT Ltd, we've not seen any direct impact from the referendum, but it is too early to tell.

We are working with the DCA on a project for Central Government and we have meetings scheduled this week to progress our thoughts, we will of course let our readers know the outcome.

One final event to tell you about, we'll be visiting the EU-JRC Ispra complex in Italy in mid November as part of an expert panel created to evaluate and discuss the impending EMAS for the ICT sector.

We're also meeting with fellow industry members for TCT 7/3 work next week.

All in all its been a busy period, but as we all know the devil makes work for idle hands.

We've not been idle...until next time.