Saturday 13 June 2015


The EURECA project website is now live and you can find it here.
Our profile can be found here

Work continues on the identification of all the standards, best practices guides and other relevant possible procurement benchmarks that public sector organisation use across Europe.
As you can imagine this has been quite a hard task, although we were aware of 90% of the possible standards, other consortium partners have been providing some country specific information, especially our colleagues in Germany and The Netherlands. We're up to about 100 different documents at the present time and we're working to reduce this to a more manageable size, which is not that easy it must be said, a lot of energy efficiency best practices seem to be little more than a "cut and paste" of the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres but then I suppose that when a very good series of best practices (155 at the last count) is published free, other countries and organisations will use it.

June has been very busy to date, earlier in the month I was in Monaco for Data Cloud Congress which was a great success for us, with 2 possible long term assignments.
I was then in Sheffield to visit our partners ICEOTOPE to see their new petagen product, more info can be found on their website here.
Then I was in London for two meetings with potential partners, the first was a sales and marketing and the second a standards implementation project. (Both are subject to non disclosure agreements so I can't talk about them.)
This week I will be in Stoke for a meeting with a very secret project again I'm unable to disclose and then in London for a EURECA meeting.
Next week I'll be in Paris for the ISO SC39 Plenary.

We've been approached to write a series of blog articles for a new data centre colocation provider and once this is live I'll provide a link.

Until next time, enjoy the British Summer (dry, wet, hot and cold!)