Monday 29 July 2013

Telco Energy & Infrastructure Efficiency

We've been invited to speak at the event on the 12th and 13th November in London.

“Telco Energy & Infrastructure Efficiency answers telecom operators’ wish to tackle the common struggle against rising carbon emissions and energy costs across their networks and further business infrastructure.
The two day event showcases international operator best practice alongside the innovative new technology so strongly sought after, to identify the sustainable solutions which offer the low payback time demanded by the private sector, with minimal CAPEX and OPEX.
The interactive conference incorporates stand-alone presentations with panel discussions, workshop and round table sessions to discuss not only operator best practice in cleaning up their own businesses, but also the steps telcos are taking to clean up ICT in vertical industries, and offer alternative 'green' virtual solutions as a cost effective, environmentally friendly replacement to current materials and fuels being used.”

Telco Energy & Infrastructure Efficiency
12-13 November 2013, London, UK

We're a media partner for the event so you'll see lots of updates on our social media feeds.

Friday 5 July 2013

May, June and July Update

Well, regular readers of this blog will know that I spent 6 weeks on the Island of Mauritius conducting training on Green IT and Energy Efficient Data Centres, this work is ongoing and I'll be back for the INFOTECH 2013 trade show in November where we're organising a "Data Centre Energy Efficiency & Green IT Quarter" we'll keep everybody posted about this on our social media feeds, this blog and via email if you've already registered your interest in attending.
We are in discussions with the Mauritius Board of Investment and the UKTI Accredited Trade Organisation Tradefair about grants to attend, so if your company can offer products that can reduce energy consumption in the ICT field, please get in touch with us on about the programme.

On a similar note, if you're based in the West Midlands, UK you may be interested in seeking a grant from the Green Bridge Supply Chain Programme more information
You can use this programme to procure energy efficient products and consultancy for the following activities:

Purchase of Capital Equipment
Relocation and expansion in new premises
Market Development
New Product Development
Improvements in Systems and Processes
Development of Management and Staff capability to support the project.

So essentially, you could decide to implement a Green IT programme and get your new energy efficient PC's and servers, install PC Power Management and Data Centre Infrastructure Management Tools, Optimise your data centre, and get training to support the project and use Carbon3IT Ltd to provide everything.

So, download the forms, and contact us to arrange a no obligation discussion, where we will provide you with all the costings so you can prepare your application.

What else? Oh yes, we assisting the CoolEmAll project, with various activities, including  technical assistance with the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres (Energy Efficiency) and commercial advice.

On that note, the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres (Energy Efficiency) has been revised and updated, the new 2013 best practices are now available on the if you are in the process of applying for participation, please use the latest forms, the reporting form v4 is the one you should be using and this has been completely updated to reflect the past 3 revisions.


We attended the Cloud Forum in London last week and this week we attended the Intel IT Centre update and an SDG Cloud MSP update events, thanks for lunch, beers and the rooftop BBQ.

Next week, we'll be in Leeds for the Data Centre Alliance's Data Centre Transformation Conference to be held at agl Leeds, more details can be found  and in London on Wednesday to meet with the BCS Green Team and to attend a cocktail and discussion event at the Guardian (we do get around don't we?). On Thursday we'll be in Birmingham for the British Energy Challenge at IET Austin Court.


We are continuing our projects with the Government of Mauritius and will of course keep you updated.
We are also looking at a large data centre consolidation project but we are bound by confidentiality agreements, the same applies with another large Data Centre consolidation project that is in the very early stages, again once we're able to advise we'll let you know via our usual feeds.

We have a few speaking engagements in the pipeline and you've guessed it, we'll keep you up to date via our social media feeds

We have also been successful in renewing our G-Cloud entry so all public sector bodies can now access our services via the G-Cloud, we'll also be revamping some of our products for the next reiteration of G-Cloud v4 in the Autumn.

We'll have some exciting news soon but for now its a secret.

Until next time...