Thursday 6 September 2012

What a summer!, and what an Autumn to look forward to.

Hello to all our followers and blog readers.
Well, what a summer we've had. I was lucky enough to be selected as an Olympic and Paralympic volunteer and spent 4 weeks at Wimbledon and Greenwich Park respectively.
What can I say, the fact that there were no reported Olympic technology failures (as far as I know, and certainly not at Wimbledon or Greenwich Park in my time there) is testament to the systems put in place.
I can reveal that at Wimbledon we used the existing IT infrastructure and basically just changed the patch leads into our devices, installation commenced immediately after the Wimbledon tournament had finished and we were the first olympic location to be completed technology-wise, well we did have 3 weeks!
At Greenwich Park, the task was, I understand, a little more fraught, the temporary buildings and site infrastructure were delayed to the weather and at many points completion in time for the start of the event  looked in jeopardy.
But, due to the professionalism and sheer hard work of the venue technology managers and all the relevent support personnel, BT, Atos, Acer, Xerox and the AV crew everything turned out all right.

I also went to Australia for a week on a working trip (more of that in a later post) but on  the way I watched "Marigold Hotel" where I heard the following from one of the characters "Everything will turn out alright in the end, if it is not alright then it cannot be the end"
So, even if the circumstances seem to indicate that you will not meet your target, and everything is not alright, then it cannot be the end.
Having been on may projects, and at some points troubled by a lack of progress, I've always been part of teams that pull through, so I'll be using the above phrase in future.
And what a future, but I have to get some paying work completed so updates on this and other subject wil have to wait a little while (probably over the weekend)
Until then , be safe and happy and remember "If it is not alright, then it is not the end!"