Monday 13 June 2011

Global Coverage?

We check all our stats occasionally, basically to see where our audience comes from.
I'm pleased that the majority come from the US, but sad as we dont have coverage there, well we dont, but if any of our US visitors need to have any Sustainable IT consultancy, then please let us know and we'll travel if its a bona fide enquiry and worth our while to travel, its a long way after all!
The next main source of vistors seems to be Iran, very puzzling unless of course this is merely an internet relay.
We also have a lot of visitors from the Ukraine.
I am a bit worried though as the main search seems to be "John Booth Guinea Pigs" this of course refers back to a post we made asking for trialists for the pc power management product and our hybrid energy monitoring system suitable for us in Data Centres. It was a result of this post that a meeting with Concurrent Thinking was arranged and we are discussing a formal reseller agreement with them at the present time, more news shortly.
I also check our website for visitors and will report back soon.
We're going to be in Coventry tomorrow for the ICT teachers conference, we'll be tweeting from the event so watch out for our posts on CARBON3IT.

Sunday 12 June 2011

Big Week

Got a few things on this week.
Tomorrow, its a meet with a business coach.
Tuesday, its the BCS Coventry Branch ICT for education event, at which we'll be demonstrating nearly all of our product suite. more details and booking details can be found on this link.
Wednesday, and its London for a meeting, this is actually going to be very exciting but I cant let anyone know whats going on yet!
Thursday, and I have another meeting, again could be very good.
Friday, I'll be thinking about next week and planning.

Last Week.
Wednesday I was at Coventry University for a BCS Planning meeting, keep an eye on the BCS Coventry website for the updated calendar, we're scheduled in for a Green IT talk to the members in September.
I also sorted out some new business cards with a local business stiff white card based in a mill in Hatton.

Thursday, I was up bright and early for a trip to Bristol for the DataCentre Dynamics event, this was excellent. Robert Tozer gave us a masterclass in cooling systems for data centres, next up Michael Rudgyard of concurent thinking telling us about the links between facilities and IT within Data Centre environments, this is the future of Data Centre efficency management and we're pleased to be meeting Michael in a few weeks to sign a MoU for us to champion Concurrent Command and Control, a product that provides up to 20% additional savings in this space more info on this link
Lastly, was a chap who is a data centre strategy consultant.
I met up with a few friends and strangers who became friends (to paraphase an Irish proverb!)

Friday, I was at the Wolverhampton Wanderers ground for a breakfast meeting, this was do to with the ERDF bid, that's the European Reconstruction Development Fund.
Later, I was at a Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce networking event.

If you regulary follow this blog...tell us

Come on everybody, I am beginning to think I'm talking to myself.
If you do follow this blog, then tick the box and let me know, you never know you might get a little surprise in your Christmas Stocking if you buy any products from us or take some consultancy but if you don't let me know you wont get, as a meercat says "simples"

Monday 6 June 2011

Smaller or Sustainable

We've been thinking about what is wrong with the big technology companies, and boy is it a difficult subject.
But essentially we believe that the strategy is wrong, instead of trying to make components and systems smaller and smaller and smaller, the focus should be on making stuff reuseable and more sustainable.
We already know that most people use 10% of the computing power of their machines and in some cases dont event know what half the software does on their boxes.
What the big technology companies should be doing is redesigning components so that when computer equipment is end of life (and that in itself is a design failure) after 3 or 5 years, the equipment can be broken down, refurbished and then reused.
The same applies to software, minor tweaks to applications forcing corporate bodies to change frequently is a waste of resources, time and energy, far better to slow down the refreshment cycle and let systems become stable.
After all who would buy a car where every two years you had to upgrade the engine or the dashboard?

EPOS Energy Monitoring Solutions

Greentrac has a new feature set, specifically designed to provide energy monitoring and management for EPOS solutions, such as those found in supermarkets, hot desks and student computer rooms.
The software allows EPOS Terminals and other non user specific computing to be fired up as and when circumstances dictate meaning energy savings all around.

please contact us on for more information

Last Week

We attended a meeting at the University of Warwick and went to a networking event.
It was half term so we took the little one down to London by train, went to the National Gallery, then to my Mums.
The next day (a lovely day) we travelled by boat from Greenwich up to the Tower of London, we visited the Crown Jewels, and Henry VIII 's armour etc.
We then travelled back to Greenwich by boat and had dinner with Mother at the Cafe Rouge in Greenwich.
Saturday was playtime in Greenwich Park, followed by lunch at the Plume of Feathers and then a walk up to my friends Barry & Helens house to watch the football.

We've got lots to tell you about in the next blog this space.