Saturday 14 May 2016

May 16 Update

Phew, what a couple of weeks, as previously reported we've been quite busy over the last few weeks so a brief update is in order.
On the 28th April, I travelled to Austin Texas to conduct a CEEDA assessment for our first North American client, well I say American but in fact it is a UK client that has a facility within a DRT colocation site. The assessment went well and we'll be providing an update soon.
Austin, really is a busy bustling city, the vibe is infectious and I always enjoy going there, taking advantage of the cheap prices in the stores as well, I managed to procure a high end laptop that was priced in $ as it would have been in £, saving £300, and I got the tax back at the airport.
I also had a tickle on the way back with a complimentary upgrade to business class on the plane so thank you British Airways, ahem, I'm flying to Oslo in a few weeks btw!

I travelled back on the 2nd May and enjoyed a day with the family for my birthday, then flew to Scotland for a review meeting with our EURECA client, another tickle virtue of our use of was an upgrade and free breakfast at the Old Course Hotel (Golfers will recognise that this is the hotel on the right hand side of the 17th fairway on the Old Course at St Andrews, it sometimes gets hit by wayward shots!)

I do some much travel these days that I've invested in a Priority Pass, this gets me free acccess to Airport lounges and is very useful as I get free wifi, coffee, food etc so its well worth the relatively small price. I've used it on 4 occasions so far, outbound to Austin at Heathrow, (Inbound was via the client), Outbound in Birmingham for Scotland, Outbound at Edinburgh upon my return and Outbound from Birmingham to Dublin.

The Dublin trip was for EURECA meetings and the 4th EURECA workshop, we have made great progress on both the tools and the training packages and we will launch both in Amsterdam in late September, more details closer to the time.

We returned from Dublin late on Wednesday 11th in order to attend the DCS Awards on the 12th May, this event took place at the Grange St Pauls hotel, whilst the venue was central, the event tookplace in the basement and it was quite hot and humid down there.
The less said about the entertainment the better, I've never seen anyone "lose" the room quite so quickly and I'm sure that next year we'll see something a little different.
However, the event was very well attended and our congratulations to all the award winners.

So, whats in store over the next few weeks, well we have a DCA workshop on the 17th in Banbury (quite close to us, so very pleased), I have quite a bit of work to catch up on this week so will be looking forward to the family holiday in Kefalonia the week after.

Upon my return I will be going to Oslo for a meeting with our Norwegian client to discuss their standards implementaiton for ISO22301/27001 and the preparation of DR/BC plans, as well as reviewing their EUCOC applications.

The week after I shall be going to the Data Cloud Congress in Monaco to attend the EUCOC awards ceremony as well as meet up with clients past, present and future.

In July, we'll be chairing a workshop at the DataCentre Transformation Conference in Manchester, more details and registration can be found here.

Throughout the summer, we;ll be working on two standards implementation projects, continuing our involvement in the EURECA project and getting ready for the 5th Workshop in Amsterdam in late September, more information on the EURECA project can be found here.
Further details on the 5th EURECA workshop, which will include the launch of the EURECA tool and training programme will be available on that link, but we'll update you all via this site and our social media when further information is available.

A note on our SFL project, we've decide not to have a big flashy launch event in favour of a soft launch in late June and a pounding on our all the members social media channels leading up to the official launch, watch this space and dont forget to follow @carbon3it and @sustyforlondon for regular updates and further information.

So, all in all, quite a busy season ahead of us, we'll be posting again after all our trips (sometime in mid June), until then keep safe and think about making your data centre energy efficient...until next time....