Saturday 26 October 2013

October Update

Sorry, been very busy of late and haven't been able to blog. Today is the first time I've been able to just sit down and think about things.
So, the update, sine my last blog post we had a number of BCS CEEDA discovery calls with clients to take them through the assessment process, and I shall be in Scotland next week to assess 2 data centres, these facilities are going through their second assessment, so hopefully we'll see some improvement.
We've also been working on the development of the CEEDA product line, and there will be a launch of these products soon.

We've made a number of client visits to the Telco provider and I'll be able to update you on this shortly, we have a meeting scheduled in two weeks to go through the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres (Energy Efficiency) with the company's design teams, that will be an interesting few hours!

We've also attended a few meetings and seminars as follows: The CoolEmAll project, where we provide commercial advice, the Green Grid EMEA forum in Brussels, The Green IT Consortium in Amsterdam, long standing colleagues and an opportunity to work with them on a EU Funded project, and a Passport to Export seminar with the UKTI (more on that later)

We're also on 2 standards bodies, the first is our own BSI IST/46 where I shall be representing the BCS, and the second is the NSF ELSS which is Energy Star server products where I am representing Carbon3IT Ltd, both are seeking to push the boundaries for the use of environmentally sustainable components, techniques and services to reduce ICT energy consumption. There are a number of meetings scheduled over the next few weeks.

Next week I shall in be in London for the BCS Green IT SG AGM, and then taking the sleeper up to Glasgow, CEEDA assessment the next 2 days and flying back to Birmingham in the evening of the 31st (hope we don't see any flying Halloween beasties!)

The week after I have meetings with another CEEDA client and the Buildings Energy Efficiency forum.

The week after I shall be speaking at the Telco Energy and Infrastructure Efficiency event in London, followed by a webinar on the same subject.

The week after we'll be in Mauritius, promoting Green IT products at the INFOTECH 2013 event and catching up with some of our friends from the NCB and meeting potential clients.

We'll be returning to the UK on the 2nd December, then there's a quick trip to Brussels for the EUCOC Best Practices meeting.

Carbon3IT Ltd will be closed from the 23rd December to the 3rd January 2014.