Friday 6 July 2012

Carbon3IT Ltd is closing down.....

for the summer.
I've been lucky enough to get an Olympic Volunteer role and will be providing IT Technical Support at two venues, my shifts start on the 21st July and run until the 4th August, then I'm off on a long overdue family holiday, back on the 13th Aug.
Then I have 4 CEEDA assessments to carry out, 1 in Scotland, and 3 in Sydney Australia.
I return from down under on the 25th August to start my Paralympic shifts and finish in early September.
We'll get all our outstanding quotations and reports to clients sorted by the 20th July and then we'll be providing limited support during games time.
If you wish to contact us about a new project please email us on our usual contact email addresses and we'll be back to you asap with some dates for an initial meeting.
We were lucky enough to be asked to attend the Green Business Awards this week as a guest of the BCS, we're also providing some assistance in the creation of a new Green IT practical exam and there are other very interesting projects in the pipeline.
We're just waiting on a contract from a client and we hope to be able to provide you with news on this soon.
We're also organising an event to take place in the West Midlands on the 22nd November as previously advised and we're getting close to being able to make an announcement.
Our website is also under review and we should be going live in the Autumn.
As always you'll hear about it on twitter first, followed by an in depth review on this blog.

The rain is still falling here and it seems that summer has stalled, we think that the back end of summer will probably turn out alright but we dont tend to make a habit of forecasting.

Oh, if any readers of this blog want to be a part of our event in the West Midlands on the 22nd November please contact us for more information.