Sunday 25 March 2018

A very late 2017 Annual Review

2017 was an interesting year, we managed to keep going which is always a result as most SME's fail after the first 18 months of being in business. I'll make no bones about it 2017 was very tough.

The EURECA project continued all through 2017, although it should have been finished in September. The reason for a 6 month extension was to include 2 late pilot projects, the first was a UK government departments IT consolidation project and the second a EU Member state government ICT consolidation project which is ongoing at the time of writing.
Overall, the project has exceeded its intended target by almost triple in terms of GW/y energy saved.
The information relating to the project can be found on our website here

Many of you will remember the National Data Centre Academy (NDCA) project, which continues albeit after a radical rethink, we hope to have more information on that shortly.
We spent a considerable amount of time and treasure on 2 events and received some great feedback, we need to find some funding and continue discussions with various parties but prospects are good. We will report back on this, hopefully before the end of Q2 with an update.

SFL continues to be a challenge, we are now part of a EU wide initative Green IT Global which brings together 4 EU organisations, namely Green IT Amsterdam, Swiss Infomatics Group (Green IT SG), AGIT and ourselves and we have signed MOU's and hold regular meetings, you should begin to see more activity over the coming months.

Travel wise, 2017 was a very busy year, we attended events in Stockholm, Barcelona, & Dublin for EURECA and Stockholm, Sao Paolo, Dublin, Gibraltar and Frankfurt for CEEDA assessments.
We also travelled to Monaco on behalf of the EU-JRC and Milan for the annual EUCOC meeting and Seville for a GPP meeting.
We also attended events in Manchester (DC North/Data Centre Transformation) and London (DCD/DCD Awards as well as some local and regional events.

So, what are our plans for 2018?, EURECA formally closed at the end of February, so we've been looking for new Horizon2020/FP9 projects and Innovate UK projects to get our teeth into and continuing our commerical propositions. To that end, we have signed NDA's with one large global corporation to provide white label energy efficiency and consultancy services to their UK/Ireland operations, and hope to extend this acoss the EU and one smaller organisation to use their software products in our overall service wrap.

Over the next few weeks, we hope to wrap up CEEDAs in Brazil and Saudi Arabia for Q2 but have one external Data Centre Assessment for a University to complete next week.

We're looking at a project in North Africa with a view to providing energy efficiency and environmental support services.

Our work with the Data Centre Alliance continues with the development of "validation" services and we're very close to launching this product line. We'll keep you informed via our usual social media outlets and in conjunction with them.

Thats about it, we hope to provide a more regular update service in the future, but keep a lookout for articles published in Inside Networks, and Data Centre Solutions magazine and we'll let you know via twitter about any other published article.

Until next time