Sunday 11 October 2015

October 2015 Update...

Our last blog post was way back in July and the reason we've been a little quiet is because we're quite busy.
Since our last update, our MD attended the SAI conference in London, this was on behalf of the BCS Green IT SG.

We conducted our first ESOS assessment on behalf of a catering services company in August, with a follow up meeting with the board and to complete the online forms in September.

We spent quite a bit of time, working out how to obtain a visa for a trip to India (very complicated, but at least we'll know for next time!)

We completed a second internal ISO50001 audit for a company based in the Midlands, we hope to see more of these in the future, especially with the ESOS deadline looming.

We conducted a CEEDA assessment in India, Mumbai to be precise in September.

We conducted another CEEDA assessment in Darmstadt, Germany the next week.

Later that week we were part of the Data Centre Alliance Team at the Annual Golf Day held this year, at Helidon Lakes, near Daventry, we came second which given my golfing skills is somewhat of a surprise (I wondered wny people were buying me tequila and calling me "el bandito")

The following week I should have been in Berlin for an EURECA meeting, but given the amount of travel in the previous weeks I opted for a conference call.

That weekend, following some news from my friends in London I attended the Charlton v Fulham match, followed by a few beers and a curry for the Jolly Boys Annual Gathering, this is ususally held in March but due to one of the boys being diagnosed with a cancer, we decided to hold it twice a year, also to co-incide with a birthday, much fun was had by all, we even watched the Ireland rugby match!

The following morning at 5am (and feeling quite fragile) I was off to Gatwick for a quick trip to Milan for the annunal EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres (Energy Efficiency) best practices meeting. This went well but as usual not all the topics were discussed and we'll be off to Milan again in the early new year for a very important discussion (more details at the time)

Upon my return I had a visit to the National Grid's Future Energy Scenarios workshop held in London at the Royal Academy of Engineering, this is always a useful event to attend at we learn about what the National Grid is thinking with respect to 4 different energy scenarios, more information can be found on their website.

I then attended the DCA Board of Governers meeting at Canary Wharf the following day.

Over the next quarter, we have the following provisional events scheduled.

We'll be in Norway, as of Monday evening to conduct a risk management workshop with a client, I'll be staying over and attending the Data Cloud Nordic event in Oslo on the 15th.
In October we'll be at the 451 Group's Data Centre Summit on the 21st October, followed by the BCS Green IT SG AGM, more info here

The following day (at the time of writing) we have a provisional ESOS assessment scheduled.

The week after we have a brief family trip to Scotland for half term, however I'll be visiting 2 clients on behalf of the EURECA project during the trip.

We have the following provisional trips scheduled, Vienna, Riga, Dublin, Gibraltar, and Saudi Arabia but I'm sure that a few more will drop in for Q4 and Q1 next year.

Wells, thats it for now, but we'll try to be a bit more visible in the future, until next time...