Saturday 2 November 2013

The "RedEye"

Phew, what a week!
Last Tuesday I was in London for the BCS Green IT Specialist Group AGM, followed by the "Is a digital Britain, a greener Britain?" debate, between Prof Ian Bitterlin and I.
Not having had the time to prepare a really crisp presentation, the outcome was always going to be in Ian's favour, he does after all do this sort of stuff semi professionally.
I was also voted in by my fellow members to be Vice Chair, this is a job that I hope I'll be able to contribute more to the running of the group, especially to update the various professional qualifications we have worked on previously and to develop some exciting new certifications.
I'll be providing some updates via this blog and as always we'll provide links back to any information we feel is relevant.
This was followed by refreshments and then a dash to Euston to catch the Caledonian Sleeper, the late night train service to Scotland, where over the following two days I was to conduct a BCS CEEDA assessment.
The assessments went very well indeed, but the actual results are still to be announced and we'll keep you informed when they have been finalised.

We've also added a new product to our G-Cloud portfolio, it is "ISI Snapshot",ISI Snapshot is an Inventory Management Tool, it allows organisations to compile an accurate map of all ICT assets across their estates. Snapshot is an agentless, non-invasive, read-only discovery and inventory application with integrated data repository and collection libraries designed to provide and complete view of physical, virtual and cloud IT infrastructures. • Provides in-depth configuration and utilisation data for network attached IT infrastructure devices and their components (hardware and software). • Uses credentials and read-only O/S level commands to collect data (no foreign code is installed on the target host/device nor is anything written or cached there). • Integrated data repository, reporting, analysis and visualization tools with export functionality for common desktop environments. • Snapshot has never taken down a server or application or had an adverse effect on the network infrastructure.
If you're a Government customer you can find it on the G Cloud ISI Snapshot on the G Cloud.
And you can find out even more information on their website

Carbon3IT Ltd is working with ISI Europe Ltd to promote Snapshot across the EU.

On other matters, our trip to Mauritius to attend Infotech 2013 suffered a slight hitch when one of our intended partners pulled out, we don't have a problem with this, but we do think that it will prove to be a missed opportunity for them, we'll still promote their product line though.
Our stand space has been booked and you can find it here Our Stand we've been allocated C31.

Next week I shall be in London to present at a private function on the use of the design criteria within the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres to design and build energy efficient Telecoms network infrastructure, I shall also be going to Cambridge to visit a CEEDA client, followed by another visit the next day to another potential client requesting some assistance with the EUCOC.
That particular meeting has been arranged as a joint visit with one of our partners and will culminate later in the day with the first ever "UK Building Energy Management Interest Group", this is an invitation only event and I whilst not speaking will be in attendance.

The week after I shall be speaking at the Telco Energy & Infrastructure Efficiency Event and I have to complete my presentation this weekend, so I'll call a halt to proceedings there, until next time.

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