Thursday 14 November 2013

Brighttalk Answers & Review of the Week

First of all I am going to list some of the questions posted on my brighttalk webinar earlier today, then review the week (hence the title) and perhaps add a few lines about next week.

Ok, there was a question about training on energy efficiency in the DC environment, Carbon3IT Ltd does have a training department and we offer bespoke training to organisations, if you want to know more about our training offerings, please email and we'll get back to you with the information.

Secondly, there was a question about how to get executive buy in to undertake energy efficiency measures and more importantly budget. I feel that imparting the threat of energy prices rises in the EU and additional regulatory pressure or if you plan to try and sell cloud or data centres services into public sector you'll need to have and prove energy efficiency, there are considerable savings to be had by adopting the EUCOC or GGMM. We can provide an executive one day or morning/afternoon briefing to cover these, OR engage with you on a consultancy basis to assist you in applying for the code or just for general energy efficiency options through our Greenprint product, again use to get some information.

Thirdly the question about DCIM and interoperability, as Julius said go down a TCP/IP route or if you still have MODBUS connectivity use that, my preferred option would be to use wireless systems for the M&E plant and a system that uses IPMI from the servers themselves. However, there are many DCIM system providers out there and you should hear what they have go to say about how their systems work, and more importantly how much disruption they could cause whilst installing the system, basically get them to write a implementation plan.

Lastly, a question about energy efficiency being a shared responsibility between the company and the data centre, good question, personally I believe yes, it show be so, but this can only happen if the data centre has visibility of the energy bill and that there is a combined IT/Facilities management team. It is the first and in my opinion the most important of all the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres (Energy Efficiency) best practices.

Now onto a review of the week, so far.
Monday I attended a BSI standards conference, very interesting stuff and I am very please to be a part of the committee, I feel that there is a lot I can input.
Tuesday and Wednesday I was attending and spoke at the Teleco Energy and Infrastructure event, this was a very interesting couple of days, I met some great people and hopefully we'll be seeing more of some of them.
Today I made a site visit to a client to review a cold aisle configuration problem and hopefully we will have some excellent data in a few weeks from the array of temp sensors that were installed, more on this later.

Next week, I'll be in Mauritius, as previously mentioned we'll be attending the INFOTECH event, its been a very busy few weeks for my support team Rachel and Claire, who have been preparing leaflets, organising copy, picking stuff up, preparing and sending press releases out on our behalf and we'll be taking some photos and updating via twitter and our facebook pages.

This does of course mean that I'll be missing the DCD converged event at the EXCEL arena next week, this will be the first time in 3 years that I will not be around but I am sure that if you have any questions on BCS CEEDA, David Carter and Nick Morris will be able to help you, just ask for them by name at the DCD admin desk and they'll sort you out.

I shall be working for the first week and following up on various projects during the second week, so I will not be sunning myself, although I may come back with a tan.

Until next time...

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