Saturday 30 November 2013

Mauritius 2 - The Return - Cufflinks

So, the cufflinks, well there is a vast mall on Mauritius located just up the hill from Paillies and about 3 miles from Port Louis on the way to the highlands, here there are European restaurants, such as KFC, Burger King etc and the usual array of shops for tourists. To be fair it is a lovely venue, but I would prefer to barter with the locals down in the central market or chow down on birani or other local delicacies for a quarter of the cost.
I needed a new pair of cufflinks as mysteriously mine had disappeared, well actually probably more mislaid.
So I went in armed with my limited French and asked, no gestured, that I needed cufflinks, scrub that, I asked if she could speak English, she could and she directed me to their "sister shop" over the way.
I like cufflinks, I prefer them over buttons as they seem to be a little looser around the hands, but I like a certain classic style, rather than modern designs, and unfortunately what were presented to me were all of a modern design and manufactured of steel with goldy bits and more importantly priced at R2500+, £50 upwards. I don't like to spend too much money on small items so I passed saying "I'll have a look around the mall to see if there is anything I like, if not I'll be back".
Just across the way there was a shirt shop, knowing that in the UK shirt shops usually have cufflinks, off I went, and there was the most red stripy set of cufflinks now I like Red, and these were perfect and would certainly go with the one tie I had brought with me, price? R750 or £15, thank you very much sir I'll be having them.
Back into my black cab for the trip back to the Vallee Des Pretres for a sleep and wash up later for the Launch Party at the SVICC.
The cab journey was fairly uneventful, until later I realised that I'd been bitten by one gang of hungry mossies, 30 bites in total , much pain and scratching later.
Anyway, quite tired today as I have been out to Tricolet in the north to see a set of apartments my fried Riad and his family have constructed for the tourist trade (more on that later) so the next installment will be about the Launch Party and first day of the INFOTECH 2013 event.


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