Wednesday 27 November 2013

Mauritius 2 - The Return - Customs

Where were we? Oh yes, so all my show materials are stuck in customs and I have to get them out, so off to the hosts office where after a fair few hours a cheque was raised as a guarantee that the goods were not going to be sold in Mauritius and were in fact going to be re-exported.
So off we went back to the airport, now we have to remember that this is Mauritius, a beautiful country and lovely friendly people but bedeviled with endless paperwork and bureaucracy.
My stuff was in Customs and to get to customs which is "airside" I needed a pass, so I went to the pass office and obtained same, then we wait, we wait, and we wait, then chap from office asks me to return pass but leave's me with the slip that issued the pass duly cancelled, then I go through to Customs !!!
Anyway, now in Customs I speak to the same guy that detained my stuff yesterday and he looked at me and said "yesterday you speak English today you speak French, why did you not speak French yesterday?" Now, dear readers, "Moi francais est pou", but I can understand enough to say "hello, goodbye, thank you, ok, and can I have three beers please", obviously I had tapped hidden depths to extract "Good Day, can I have my stuff back please? OK?
The cheque safely deposited in their safe, my stuff was released and off we go to the conference centre, where it was my intention to set up the stand (probably take no longer than 30mins) but whilst the stand was built, others had not, and i was not going to leave my kit there, back to Mon Choix it was then!
The next day I went to site, set up the stand, sorted out the tables and tablecloths, pulled up the pop ups and raised the banner, opened the z display unit and generally got stuff ready, then I wait.
And I wait, then I decide that I can no longer wait and sorted out a taxi, imagine my surprise when a London black cab turns up, brand spanking new as well, (Made in Coventry). Off we go to Bagatelle (shopping centre to get some cufflinks (left mine at home), but thats another story and it will be told later!.
Off to continue with some work and then its off out to the supermarket to get some supplies in.

Until next time... 

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