Monday 13 June 2011

Global Coverage?

We check all our stats occasionally, basically to see where our audience comes from.
I'm pleased that the majority come from the US, but sad as we dont have coverage there, well we dont, but if any of our US visitors need to have any Sustainable IT consultancy, then please let us know and we'll travel if its a bona fide enquiry and worth our while to travel, its a long way after all!
The next main source of vistors seems to be Iran, very puzzling unless of course this is merely an internet relay.
We also have a lot of visitors from the Ukraine.
I am a bit worried though as the main search seems to be "John Booth Guinea Pigs" this of course refers back to a post we made asking for trialists for the pc power management product and our hybrid energy monitoring system suitable for us in Data Centres. It was a result of this post that a meeting with Concurrent Thinking was arranged and we are discussing a formal reseller agreement with them at the present time, more news shortly.
I also check our website for visitors and will report back soon.
We're going to be in Coventry tomorrow for the ICT teachers conference, we'll be tweeting from the event so watch out for our posts on CARBON3IT.

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