Sunday 3 July 2011

Busy Busy Busy

What a busy couple of weeks!
After the excellent Coventry ICT Conference on the 14th, we attended and had organised a meeting between Greenpeace & the BCS regarding the "How Dirty is your Data?" report issued in April by Greenpeace.
After a lengthly discussion on all things Green IT, the BCS have drafted a reponse which can be found here
I developed the orginal draft statement which was amended and revised by colleagues at the BCS and the DC/GreenIT SG's, so I'm pleased that a couple of trade publications such as eWeek with this article are promoting the issue of Data Centre energy consumption.
We also attended the HCTS conference at the Landmark Hotel in London and then demonstrated the excellent Broadleaf PC at the Amsterdam Duurzaam event, all in all a very busy weeks.

On our work table at the moment we have a project for 5 schools, a study of renewable energy in the north of the region and a report to write for the local LEP on Low Carbon ICT.
Next week, I'm visiting a school, off to London for a BCS Green IT F2F and two site visits.
Oh, and the week after we'll be planning the installation of Greentrac into our local university, all ready for the new academic term.
Almost forgot, went to my graduation last week and was not disappointed to be mentioned in the local paper, as I should be in the OU journal.

Until next time....

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