Saturday 30 July 2011

Skools Out !

Yes, its that time of year when the little ones are free to roam.
We've been roaming as well, all over our region!
We were invited to conduct some Green IT surveys at some schools in the area and we've visited 5 over the past month.
So, how did it go? Well, suffice to say that we have identifed potential for schools to adopt Green IT within their operations and to be honest boy do they need something.
Without naming specific schools, it seems to me that there are serious lack of IT governance issues, and staff seem to be constantly firefighting rather than planning a secure, resilient and energy efficient IT estate.
I can understand the difficulties, after all your IT infrastructure is only going to be as good as your IT manager' vision and technical skills, sadly schools IT does not pay very well and you get what you pay for, monkeys and peanuts.
When your council abdicates this function into the school, its not surprising that schools are in a bit of a mess. I understand that some schools are so fed up with the procurement policies and procedures that they've decided to opt out and go it alone, citing lower costs and a better experience, we cant comment on that but we have proposed the installation of Greentrac into the 5 schools. This is complaint with the SALIX funding matrix, and we hope to get the systems installed in the Christmas Break.

We have, this week, finally started to install the Greentrac product into the Warwick Manufacturing Group at the University of Warwick and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody involved in getting the system, authorisations and approvals necessary to kick off the project

We will be presenting our vision for a Low Carbon ICT strategy for the West Midlands area at the CWLEP IT & Media Focus Group this week.

I've also made progress with becoming a CEEDA inspector, with an interview scheduled in August.

So, exciting times here at Carbon3IT Ltd, let them reign supreme.

Until next time, be lucky..

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