Monday 6 June 2011

Smaller or Sustainable

We've been thinking about what is wrong with the big technology companies, and boy is it a difficult subject.
But essentially we believe that the strategy is wrong, instead of trying to make components and systems smaller and smaller and smaller, the focus should be on making stuff reuseable and more sustainable.
We already know that most people use 10% of the computing power of their machines and in some cases dont event know what half the software does on their boxes.
What the big technology companies should be doing is redesigning components so that when computer equipment is end of life (and that in itself is a design failure) after 3 or 5 years, the equipment can be broken down, refurbished and then reused.
The same applies to software, minor tweaks to applications forcing corporate bodies to change frequently is a waste of resources, time and energy, far better to slow down the refreshment cycle and let systems become stable.
After all who would buy a car where every two years you had to upgrade the engine or the dashboard?

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