Sunday 10 August 2014

Mauritius - August 2014

I find myself back in the beautiful green island in the South West Indian Ocean, Mauritius, to deliver Green IT and EUCoC training to a mixture of private and public delegates, organised by our newest partner Focus Global Ltd, based on the island.
Focus Global Ltd provide high quality training courses on a variety of topics and further information can be found here.
The training covered the syllabus of the BCS Learning and Development curriculum for the Foundation Certificate in Green IT and the Intermediate Certificate - EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres (Energy Efficiency).
All of the delegates responded well to the training and we incorporated a lot of interactive workshops and joint activities, this was very well received and we'll be amending our courses to include more interactive sessions.
I've extended my stay to undertake a client visit to assist in the possible implementation of the first ICEOTOPE installation in the southern hemisphere and to deliver a presentation to the BCS Mauritius branch on the impending energy crisis on the island and how ICT can assist in mitigation and adaptation activities.

We've also been invited to conduct some more training courses at a later date, and also to provide consultancy services on Green IT and energy efficiency in Data Centres/Cooled Server Rooms.
There are also a number of public tenders that we are evaluating for joint ventures.

We seem to be entering a new era of energy efficient computing with many different opportunities presenting themselves, the first series is that the UK have incorporated a Climate Change Agreement for Data Centres, this scheme allows participants to reduce frictional costs such as the Climate Change Levy and CRC taxation in return for quantifiable energy reductions/operational efficiency in data centres based upon an improvement in baseline PUE.
A sector target of 15% reduction in PUE over the first 5 years has been decided upon.
The scheme will be reviewed in 2020, when a further reduction of 15% over the next five years (subject to confirmation) has been mooted.
The scheme ONLY applies to "wholesale" operators, i.e. those organisations that provide co-location or hosting services to other clients, this means that owner/operator or enterprise data centres are not included, at least for the present, but this could mean a shift from on site data centre operations to colo data centres in order to achieve energy efficiency savings and a reduction in costs, but could also accelerate a shift to "cloud" computing.

The second major event is the Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (ESOS), this is the UK's interpretation of Article 8 of the EU's Energy Efficiency Directive (Oct 13) and requires mandatory energy audits to commence in April 2015 by most large organisations, this will include reviews of ALL activities undertaken by those organisations and will of course include Green IT and Data Centre energy saving opportunities.
Carbon3IT Ltd have a range of services to meet the new legislative regime, please contact us for more information on how we can assist you.

Finally, our partners Datacenter Dynamics are ramping up BCS CEEDA programme activities in the APAC, CIS and Latam regions and as lead assessors/auditors to the programme we will be undertaking a lot of trips to various data centres both in the UK and those regions, we are going to be extremely busy.

We will be looking to recruit additional experienced personnel to enable us to meet these opportunities so please send us your CV's (send to info', and put CV in the subject line) or call us for a chat.

Until next time and remember that Carbon3IT Ltd practices #Green IT in action, we practice what we preach.

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