Thursday 17 July 2014

ICEOTOPE Free Trials (UK Only)

Some of  you may be aware of the innovative liquid cooled server solution from Sheffield, the ICEOTOPE.
More information on the ICEOTOPE can be found here
We have been aware of this product and its development for the past three years and have recently been given the opportunity to assist them in their future rollout plans.
These include a limited number of free 2 week trials when you can evaluate the product in your own environment and compare it with you current or future technology needs.
We'll even thrown in 2 days of engineering time to assist you and your team work out a full evaluation plan.
There are conditions and these include that you allow us full access to the test data and allow us to publish it.
The trial can be extended at a small cost.
If you'd like to take the opportunity to test and evaluation the "future of the data centre" please get in touch on 01926 843835 or

We are looking forward to your call.

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