Monday 23 April 2012

Olympic IT Scaremongering

I'm getting concerned that in some quarters at least, fear, ignorance and downright blatent scaremongering concerning the London 2012 Olympic Games is being given media space and airtime.
Take this for instance, Network Overload, Power Disruptions where the report highlights potential problems during the games, except that the issues cited are not specifically to do with the games themselves and rather on poor DR and continuity management that is present at all times.
I've attended a number of events, organised by the BCS, with the Head of Service Delivery (BT) for the games and based on the architecture and support services that will be provided, I cant see any disruption to communications or for that matter power during the games, why? because in the communications infrastructure is virtually new and separate from the current infrastructure and will become part of the national network after the games. On the power infrastructure side of things, it seems that people have forgotten that the games site was originally a light industrial area and has a upgraded power system.

So, we have the situation where some companies and commentators are conducting blatant scaremongering about the games, when in fact every possible angle has already been covered and tested, they should be ashamed of themselves and instead of bleating and creating problems should be getting behind the games or indeed speaking to those that actually know rather than going into print!

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