Thursday 17 May 2012


Well, the BCS CEEDA award CEEDA Website is going great guns, we have a number of clients scheduled for  assessments before September and they are all very keen to get their data centres assessed for energy efficiency.
But, we're very pleased that the wide range of clients have taken the steps to prove to the outside world that they are taking energy efficiency within the data centre very seriously (perhaps to stop Greenpeace from mentioning them!).
Anyway, go to the website to find out more and then when you're ready to get an assessment contact the BCS directly or David Carter from DCD.
If you're not ready and are unsure what to do next with regards to data centre energy efficiency measures contact Carbon3IT Ltd directly on 01926 843389.
We offer a pre CEEDA assessment that will detail the areas that you'll need to focus on for a high level of CEEDA award.
We also offer a full Green IT solution from desktops to data centres, so if you want to be ICT resource efficient, you know where to come.

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