Monday 16 April 2012

EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres - Practical Quantifiable Savings

Is it worth it? Thats the question Stephen Bowe Phipps, data centre manager of the University of Hertfordshire asked recently after accumulating and reviewing a years worth of energy data from the renewly refurbished RARE-IDC Data Centre, well you can see what Steve had to say on  Steve's blog post.
But to my mind it speaks for itself, after a refurb costing about £400,000 the facilty now boasts a PUE of sub 1.3 (from it has to be said the upper 3.xx) is using substantially less energy and therefore carbon and the project has raised capacity.
So, implementing the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centre best practices will save you money.
We can offer advice and identify products that will assist you in making your data centre more energy efficient, push us and we may be able to help you become IT efficient too.
Full congratulations to Steve and his team at the University of Hertfordshire, if you can get nearly £200k of savings from a 75sqM data centre, imagine what you coud do with an enterprise class data centre.
Go on, you know you want to, get in touch with us soon to start your energy savings and green IT journey.

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