Wednesday 9 March 2011

Sea Level Rise!

Its funny, normally you'd expect a news article like this one to be fiercely debated but all seems quiet on the social media front.
I suppose that its because its not an immediate problem, and lets face it most of us living today will not suffer the consequences.
Anyway here at Carbon3IT Ltd we are concerned that sea level rise will happen quicker than we think and we've revamped out product portfolio, not because of sea level rise, but because we said that we would on a regular basis to include new and updated technology and services.

The Smart Meter Starter Kit is an economically-priced kit that allows you to monitor precise energy use in real time. Energy spend data can also optionally be accessed remotely using the Energy Manager suite of online reporting and analytics tools.

The kit includes three components: a highly-accurate single phase or three phase wireless smart meter; a wireless controller and Windows energy analysis software (Energy Manager Desktop).
  • The wall-mounted Smart Meter can measure up to 60A per phase and provides wireless feedback every 10 seconds about your exact power consumption and energy use. This allows you to monitor energy expenditure in real time and work out where you are spending money that perhaps you could save. Finished in a rugged plastic case with a simple three wire installation, the meter is fitted with an LCD display showing your energy use, instantaneous power consumption and status of the wireless network connection to the controller. Utilising the latest in Zigbee wireless technology, the meter has a wireless range of up to 50m from the controller and the can work through walls and ceilings.
  • The Controller in the kit plugs into your network or router and sends information from the wireless Smart Meter to either Energy Manager Desktop (supplied) or Energy Manager Online (optional).
  • Energy Manager is an easy-to-use reporting system, designed to help highlight energy wastage, by presenting energy data in clear graphical format. Energy Manager Online offers further analytics options, including report generation and control features.
The Smart Meter Starter Kit can easily be extended, as its components also integrate wirelessly with the rest of the remote smart metering range. This includes the popular 5-socket smart strips, which can be used to monitor the real-time energy consumption of individual pieces of equipment, and the distribution board smart meters, which allow breakdowns of energy usage by circuit (e.g. to highlight expenditure in areas such as lighting, air conditioning and central IT).

Designed for both retrofit and new-build markets, the Smart Meter Starter Kit is simple to install and is your first step towards saving money on unnecessary energy bills.

The single phase kit is £399.99p +Vat

The three phase kit is £449.99p +Vat

Contact us today to order your energy monitoring starter kit and do you bit to stop sea level rise!

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