Friday 4 March 2011

Friday 4th

I've been having computer problems all week, damned MS with their automatic updates.
Anyway, I attended a SWM event yesterday at The Bond, this is a venue on the Birmingham Eastside regeneration zone that is well worth a visit, its right on the canal and if walking from Moor Street Station the walk takes you past Birminghams Industrial past with workshops, warehouse and metal bashers all around and whilst its scheduled to be regenerated ! to be honest I'd leave it as it is a memorial to the "Workshop of the World"

The event was an update on how SWM and other interested parties (mostly LA's, LEP's etc with access to the "Growth Fund"), were going to stimulate the growth of a low carbon economy for the West Midlands, similar to the line trotted out by Prof Carl Chinn at the Growing Green Event last week.

The West Midlands is pushing to become the powerhouse for low carbon jobs and technology developments within the UK and to some extent Europe.

We are but cogs in a big machine, and if the machine doesn't know what its supposed to do and how its going to do it, I dont suppose that the cog in the middle will get much done.
This was something that was touched upon at the event, the problems identified (not in any order) leadership or the lack of it, constant change in funding streams from local government, confusion with national schemes, time taken to identify and win funding from the Carbon Trust etc. the amount of similar but ultimately confusing information from the literally hundreds of energy saving organisations and a lack of understanding (still) about why we need to do it.

On a sadder note, I shall be atttending another funeral on Monday, another cousin passed away in sad circumstances.

Have a good weekend.

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