Friday 4 March 2011

Growing Green Energy Data

As some of you will be aware we demonstrated the Broadleaf PC at the event last week.
We were also demonstrating elements of the Enistic Energy Guardian product and we actually conducted some real time energy data test and assessments on ICT products.

Our Test configuration was as follows;

In the red corner, a 7/8 year old Fujitsu Siemens Scaleo T model with no monitor measured at 143w constant

In the blue corner, a brand new Very PC Ltd Broadleaf with a monitor - measured at .................wait for really wait for it........................55watts.
When we turned the monitor off, the Broadleaf measured between 19-25w.

This is a substantial saving over older larger models and if your organisation has 100's of PC's imagine how good you'd look if you replaced them with energy saving low carbon, carbon offset Very PC Broadleaf, saving thousands of pounds a year.
Not only would you be gaining through energy savings, but because of the footprint, many users will see a lot of more their desk, add to that the enhanced security measures such as the multicoloured and laser etched front fascia and its WIN WIN WIN.
Buy them through Carbon3IT Ltd, just drop us a line to arrange a demonstration of both the Broadleaf and the Energy Guardian on or call us on 01926 843389.

The Energy Guardian configuration was 3x 5 way smart socket extension leads, providing energy data via the Zigbee radio system to a zone controller connected to a laptop with the Energy Guardian software installed upon it. If you would like any further information drop us a line.

Until next time, have a good weekend.

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