Tuesday 26 May 2015


just rubbish, I suppose it is because we are so close to the problem that we get annoyed when we see articles like this one that seeks to undermine the ESOS scheme.

Lets get something straight right way, the ESOS or Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme is to...identify energy savings opportunities.

ISO50001 is an International Standard that "specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving an energy management system, whose purpose is to enable an organisation to follow a systematic approach in achieving continual improvement of energy performance, including energy efficiency, energy use and consumption"

This in itself is a mechanism to identify energy savings opportunities but it is only partially what is required by ESOS.

In fact, even if you have ISO50001 certification it DOES NOT exempt you from having to complete an ESOS assessment, it merely exempts that portion that is covered by the ISO 50001 certificate from further analysis as required by ESOS.
For instance, (and I know this applies to some data centres) say you have 5 data centres, built at various times and to the prevailing design standards applicable at that time, your first data centre was built in 1990 and your latest in 2012. You'd probably get your latest data centre certified to ISO50001 because the BMS/EMS and monitoring infrastructure provides you with the relevant data to comply with the ISO50001 requirements. Your older facilities however, with no monitoring and old equipment will not comply.
So, you develop an Energy Management System to cover the 2012 facility but not the older ones, but you do have a plan to roll out ISO certification to the others when time and finances allow.

From this point on, you do nothing believing that your ISO certification covers your organisation.
Early next year you will get a letter from the Environment Agency advising that as you have failed to carry out an ESOS, and you will asked to complete an ESOS or be hit with a fine, which rises every day you fail to submit your ESOS.
Or, you recognise that your ISO50001 certificate ONLY covers the 2012 data centre and get a registered ESOS assessor to review your company and the energy audit team you have appointed, he will advise that the ISO50001 only covers the 2012 data centre and you need to conduct an ESOS assessment on the other 4 facilities.

Carbon3IT Ltd is the ONLY specialist data centre energy and auditing company in the UK, we are ISO50001 Lead Auditors, registered ESOS assessors, and provide auditing and assessment services to the EU-JRC and BCS/DCD CEEDA award.

You can contact us on info@carbon3it.com or 01926 843835 to book your initial ESOS assessment

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