Monday 18 May 2015

May Update

Welcome to the British Summer!
As I write it is raining outside which of course means that some data centres will be operating 100% free cooling options today, which is a very good thing.
So, what have we been up to since our last blog post?

The EURECA project website has now gone live and you can see it here, we've been working on the first deliverable which is the creation of the EURECA matrix and we aim to complete this task by the end of May.
As part of this work package our MD has been traveling across Europe, Milan in Italy in April, and so far in May, Berlin and Paris.
Further trips are scheduled in June for Monaco and to Paris for an ISO SC39 Plenary meeting.

This is all part of the work to map the standards landscape for data centres energy efficiency best practices.

We'll be exhibiting at the Public Sector Show on the 23rd June with our partners ISI to demonstrate their ISI Snapshot, data centre optimsation product.
Tickets for public sector employees are free but limited, so get in there now to secure your place, unfortunately if you are not from the public sector you'll have to pay.

We have had a number of CEEDA technical calls, and completed a new CEEDA assessment for an major UK high street bank, alas non disclosure agreements prevent us from talking about who they are and where their data centre is, but I can advise that it is a state of the art facility and they should be rightly proud of what they have built.
They may be some press information in future editions of the Datacenter Dynamics magazine but don't hold your breath!
My international colleagues will be assessing a data centre in the LATAM region later this month and we have a number awaiting in the EMEA and APAC regions, these probably will not be restricted so when we do them you be in the loop.

Our SFL project has hit a minor delay but we hope to get this back on the road and rolling asap, the difficulty is in scheduling time when all the relevant parties can get around the table.
The launch date has been put back until Q3 but there will be a press release around the time of the London Tech Week, more information on this series of events can be found here.

Along with our current EURECA partners, the DCA, UEL and maki consulting, we've submitted a project to the EU to assist in the co-ordination of energy efficiency ICT across the EU, we're expecting this to be finalised sometime in Q4 and we'll keep you up to date with things as they occur.

On the BCS side of things, we had an excellent turnout for our IoT practical demonstration event and webinar and we have scheduled an number of other events throughout the year.

Please keep in touch with our website and social media feeds for further information.

Thats it for now, please get in contact with us on our usual contact lists if you require any help with your green IT project, energy efficiency for data centres or any of our current projects.

Until next time.....

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