Monday 27 January 2014

Whose Bill and Whose responsibility!!

According to an article I read today in the Uptime Institute Blog here .
"In recent years many facilities managers have made great strides in cutting energy consumption, but with only 16% of IT departments responsible for the power bill, there is currently little incentive to reduce the IT load"
16% ? 16% that's an outrageous figure and of course the UI are right to point out that there is little incentive to even look at energy efficiency.

So, something needs to be done, and we have the answer in our area (West Midlands, UK) with our Greenprint product, this is a full survey of all your IT, its governance, systems, and management and we identify areas where you could improve your overall IT sustainability goals moving forward.

I suppose it's all down to the ambition of an organisation to be sustainable and not to waste money, it seems that 84% of companies want to waste money. Very sad.

Don't be a company that wastes money, call us today 01926 843835 or drop us an email to

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