Thursday 22 August 2013

A low carbon ICT strategy

We first wrote our Low Carbon ICT strategy back in 2011, but we've recently had cause to bring it out, dust it off and see if anything has changed, well the good news is no, we've not had to change anything, so we've re-issued it to our local enterprise partnership here in the UK to see if we can access any ERDF funding to make the strategy happen at a high priority level with local government and the bigger private sector organisations.

The strategy is as follows:

"To reduce the energy consumption of ICT of local government and enterprises within the defined area"

Some of our tactics will be as follows:

1. Reduce the amount of energy used by devices (desktops, laptops, tablets etc)

We will do this via the use of PC power management software.


Our Strategy should be to promote the use of these products in all organisations.This may be achieved through the use of ERDF funding on a 50/50 basis matched funding (subject to the project definition)

2. To reduce the amount of energy used in data centre environments

We will do this through the use the use of the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres (Energy Efficiency) best practices and other energy optimisation techniques from other global organisations.

"Our Strategy should be to require PUE’s of 1.5 or less before 2020 for new facilities and for existing facilities to be 2 or less by 2020. This can be implemented by the use of planning laws, as is the case in the City of Amsterdam where DC new build is required to have a PUE of 1.2 or less."

Again, we will explore the use of various funding programmes to ascertain whether matched funding or grants would be available to implement the best practices.

3. To reduce, through the use of "reuse, reduce, recycle" the amount of e-waste within the LEP area.

"Our strategy will develop research programmes with our University partners for the recycling of components and materials for reuse, with a view to build a national computer recycling centre within the LEP geographic area"

4. To implement IT Governance into organisations within the LEP region.


Our strategy should be to promote a framework of IT Governance adaptable to all organisations big or small with an emphasis on sustainable and low carbon concepts.

There is a lot more detail specifically for the Coventry and Warwickshire LEP region in the strategy, but it can be tailored for your specific region, if you'd like a copy send an email to and we'll send you one.

Go Green, it makes sense! 

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