Tuesday 19 June 2012

At last some joined up thinking

We seen a number of reference to this news item Olympics Site Data Centres and think that this is a brilliant idea, the site itself is well equipped with fibre links and power should not be an issue.
I only have two small things to ask, the first is that the whole facility be built to the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres and that a BCS CEEDA assessment is then carried out.
The first is actually going to have to happen as the Governments green IT strategy states that all facilities should be a participant to the code by April 2014.
The second is down to the individual councils themselves but the cost of a CEEDA spread over all the 33 boroughs will bring the cost down to less than  £500 per council, well worth it!
One wonders if this is going to be a London Local Authority Cloud?

Well thats my 2p worth.
Very busy at the moment with all sorts of green and sustainable IT stuff so off to work I go.
More updates soon, until then enjoy the footie tonight and lets all pray for an England win.

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