Sunday 11 December 2011

Last Week Update

Phew, really tired this weekend, had lots to do last week and even more to do next week.

So, last week, well our presentation to the Local Business Accelerators "dragon" panel went well.
I'm often surprised that the lack of understanding about the science behind climate change when I talk to people individually or when I conduct my Green IT talks and I've prepared the first part of any presentation I do, to provide some basic facts about the global warming trend, firstly I use Michael Mann's "hockey stick" and then the recent Berkeley Earth Suface Temperature study, we then speak about what could potentially happen, in effect sea level rise and weather patterns changing etc.
In the UK I also talk about the impending "energy gap", this is when our nuclear power stations shut down in 2023 and due to the large combustion plant directive, coal and oil powered power stations are restricted to 20k hours of production or the installation of Carbon Capture and Storage technologies. All in all, this represents the loss of some 32% of generative capacity in the next 12 years, and could cause some real problems with intermittent power, blackouts and maybe rationing for large users.

So, we presented to the LCA panel and we await the outcome.
Then, I attended the judging for the DCD awards as a judge and reviewed a number of projects that were seeking an award, more details can be found here
The awards are next Thursday, and I've had to buy a evening suit and all the gubbings, it should be a great event and I'm looking forward to meeting up with lots of friends and colleagues.
Before, that though I'm off to conduct a CEEDA assessement in the North, and then have a meeting with a client.
Friday I'm intending to relax and wind down for Christmas, although I have a trip to London the following week.

Have a great week.

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