Thursday 27 October 2011

Thoughts on Data Centre energy metrics

So, we've had PUE/DCiE we've had DPPE, CUE AND WUE, we've got the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres, we got ASHRAE, we've got ETSI, we've got TIA-942 It seems that everyone and his dog are in the process of or have actually set down on paper a standard of what a Data Centre should aspire to.
And it is laudable that the industry does this, but the nature and complexity of Data Centres around the world means that one standard could not and should not be applied to all facilities.
In reality the only real standard should be that of energy efficiency, and we're given some thought on this and this it should be based on the PUE metric created by the Green Grid.
We think that we need to include the source of the input energy and the use of the output energy, we given this metric a name Total Power Effectiveness or TPE.
So, the first element "Input Energy" or (IP)is the amount of energy derived from the grid or on site renewable energy expressed as a %, so if your grid mix is 50% nuclear and 30% wind and 20% hydro, then the IP would be 50%.
We'll then use the conventional DCiE metric for the facility say 50%. we'll call this Facility Use or (FU)
Finally, we think that energy re-use (ER) should be considered in the metric and this will also be a % so if you collect 100% of your waste heat and pump it in to a district heating system or into a greenhouse, your score would be 100%.
So a facility that used 100% renewable energy (verified of course) had a PUE of 1.07 or DCiE OF 94% and reused 100% of its waste heat would have a TPE of 100%+94%+100% = 294%, correspondingly, if another facility had 0% renewables, a PUE of  2 or DCiE 50% and reused 25% of its waste energy then its TPE would be 75%.
Obviously the higher the percentage the better your facility is but it can never be in excess of 300%

Simples. comments as always please

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