Thursday 27 October 2011

Greening Government ICT

Busy little blogger today methinks, anyway we've been advised that the long awaited "Greening Government ICT document has been released today, its available on this link Greening Government: ICT Strategy.

We review it later today and blog our thoughts on it very soon but in the meantime we've pulled one very salient set of points that we are very pleased about:

Government to adopt the EU Code of Conduct for energy efficient Data centres
April 2012
Government to be registered as endorsers of EU code of conduct for energy efficient data centres and server rooms
April 2013
All Government departments
Government to require any data centre or cooled server room used in delivering a new ICT service to be registered as Participants under the EU Code of Conduct for energy efficient data centres
April 2014 onwards

This is excellent news and one we've been hoping for, for a while now, we do hope that this means that the new £60million cloud tender released this week on the procurement portal means that the winner will be a EU Code of Conduct participant and also a potential CEEDA award holder as a statement of intent by the government.

Anyway, off to read in detail the strategy with a pencil and notenook in hand, expect a reponse by COP tomorrow.

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