Tuesday 27 September 2011

Our Travel Policy

As you'd expect Carbon3IT Ltd takes its environmental obligations very seriously, so we'd thought we take the opportunity to outline our travel and hotels policy.
First off, we're based right next to Hatton Station so rail is our preferred option.
I normally get a service from Hatton if the timetable permits, if not then the wife will drop me at Warwick Parkway. This allows me to work on the train on the way to almost anywhere, the only trip I've made where this was not an option was to go to Swindon. From Hatton, this is a tedious trip, Hatton to Leam takes about 10 mins, Leamington to Banbury about 20mins, Banbury to Oxford or Didcot Parkway about 20 -25 mins, Didcot Parkway to Swindon about 20mins, its never enough time to get the laptop out and get down to work, so I normally bring something to read!
If timetables, venue or arrival time is an issue or if I've got stuff to carry (like my demo kit) I'll take my car.
Its a Smart Car, a four two, 695cc turbo charged little beast, it costs me £35 a year to tax, about £400 to insure and takes about £30 of fuel to fill her up. I get about 300 miles on this.
If we have to use a hotel, and I can done so recently in Amsterdam, I try to use Conscious, these are hotels that minmise their environmental impact, conscioushotels.
Otherwise, if I'm in London I spend some time with my Mum, she lives a short 20 mins train ride from Charing Cross.
Oh, and one more thing, I've flown twice since I started this company, both times to Amsterdam. I've taken the ferry to Dublin due to Volcanos, and once to Amsterdam due to a late meeting meaning I couldn't take a flight. That was quite an interesting trip, left a BCS meeting, jumped a train to Harwich, got the overnight ferry to the Hook, you get a cabin and the facilities on board are really good, much better than the last time I went when I was 17! I went to the meeting and then back on the train for the overnight ferry back to England.
The cost £140, not bad considering I had two nights in excellent restful accommodation and excellent transport links on both sides of the ditch, although the dutch side does have better trains throughout. The service from Harwich to Liverpool Street is very tatty.
Anyway, I'm about to get into my smartie for a short trip to Birmingham, the reason for it is that the trains back to Hatton are about an hour apart late at night.

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