Wednesday 24 August 2011

WMG & Greentrac

Spoke to my contact at the WMG at the University of Warwick recently, they've now got 125 agents out in the field monitoring energy consumption, all good stuff.
We've been pretty busy of late, just finished a tender for 7000 agents at some schools and colleges in Ireland and that goes in tomorrow by post.
You have to see the tenders sometimes just to see the hoops they make you go through, this one requires 2 hard copies of the tender response and 2 CD's with the tender responses + supporting documentation, all of 3MB on a 700 MB CD Grrrrr.
We may have some news soon on the CEEDA front, but in the meantime if you fancy a trip to see the inside of a data centre, then the BCS DCSG have arranged (well I did!) a visit to the SCC facility at Tysleley, Birmingham on the 27th September, more information and booking arrangements can be found on the BCS website.
I've also finished my series of presentations for the BCS Green IT/DCSG Joint talks to be held at various BCS branches over the next year, please contact me if you would like me to come to your event!

Finally, the wife and the daughter are camping in Cornwall, so I have got the place to myself, its surprising how much work you can get done without the interuptions.
I'm off to Edinburgh for the weekend, its my brother in laws stag night, younger bro Jon has done all the organisation. So we're off to shoot clay pigeons, race go karts, and drink rather a lot, oh e may take in a show as well and I believe that Jon does have something secret planned as he's asked us to bring black clothes and it seems that extra points will be given for black gloves, hmmmmmm.
I'll reveal all next entry, so have a great bank holiday weekend.

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