Wednesday 31 August 2011

The Stag Night

Well what an event, well done to BiL Jonny, who organised the whole weekend.
I started at Leamington Spa station at 11am, got to Manchester Piccadilly ar about 1:30pm and met up with 3 other staggers, we transferred to the other side of the station to pick up our connection to Edinburgh.
Beers and food were procured and we met up with the stag and 3 others on the train (they'd got on at Manchester Airport).
Introductions were made and beers drunk, cards played etc etc.
When we arrived at Edinburgh Haymarket 3:30mins later (how long?) we went straight into another pub (drinking will feature quite a lot this weekend, as you'd expect) then into another.
It was here that I am afraid that I lost steam and had to have a brief slump on the table.
We then went off to our accommodation in the Grassmarket Area (for those that know Edinburgh), I unfortunately was a casualty of the day and had to be taken to bed (Arrrgh)
The boys went out and did not return until the very early hours of the morning.
Later on, everyone went out to breakfast and I was the only one that could even be considered bright eyed and bushytailed, no doubt due to amount of sleep I had had.
Anyway, we went off to the Extreme Karting Edinburgh facility for an afternoon of go kart fun.
Got to sort out some accounts now so will update you all on the rest of the stag weekend in the next blog post

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