Wednesday 25 May 2011

May Update

What have we been doing this month?
All sorts!

10th May AM
At Coventry University Tech Park on a sales and marketing training course, made a few useful contacts, had to run to catch the train to London so I could attend  BCS HQ to listen to Bob Crookes, the chair of the Green IT specialist group speak to the PROMS-G regarding "Green Project Management", fascinating stuff.

I returned for a meeting with our local LEP co-ordinators on the Thursday.

We were in North Wales for the weekend.

On Monday 16th, I met with Peter Woodward, who was a part of the team that put the "Low Carbon Coventry 2020" document together. This meeting was regarding the "low carbon economy" focus group within the LEP and what can be done.

I then travelled to London for a client meeting and to attend the Cloud Conference at Canary Wharf.
Back home to Warwick and then a visit to the Richo Arena for the LEP stakeholders breakfast meeting.
The weekend at Leisure! yeah right!!

We have some friends staying near us at a holiday cottage, right on the banks of the Stratford Canal in Lowsonford, so we had dinner with them last night, and we're returning the favour tomorrow.
Cider Pork Roast, for the meat eaters, and salmon for the veggie.

I went to Sustainability Live at the NEC to catch up with the Coventry City Council Sustainability team and to strengthen links with a London based IT company.

Tomorrow, I shall be at the LEP IT & Media meeting in the morning, closely followed by an event at the Shire Hall in Warwick,
I shall then spend the afternoon in the kitchen.

Next week is half term and we'll be off to London for a few days, might even take in a show!

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