Friday 1 April 2011

Wot? No response and no comment post!

I came across this on the web The cloud is green, isn't the cloud wonderful? not the articles real title but it may well have been.
I had a good look at the post and the referenced report and I was moved to add a comment.
My comment has not been published and I suspect its because it wasn't "on message".
I said that it was all very well publishing statements that indicated that the cloud was green and wasn't it a good thing yayay, bada bing bada boom yawn, but wouldn't it be wise to read the back page where all the assumptions were listed, in fact it was nearly two pages of A4 some 600 odd words of exclusions, some of which I have posted about on this blog before.
Things such as if you move into the cloud you'll save 90% on operating costs!
90% wow that is some cloud if it can do that, but hold on whats this small print, oh you have to move everything in your server room to the cloud, ah and sack all of your IT staff, ah and etc etc etc.
Right, so I've moved all my kit out of my server room and made it back into the stationary cupboard it was 40 years ago, I've got no kit so I dont need any staff, fine now what?

Ah, the MD just rang and wondered why he cant get his email, or his facebook page, ah and he hasn't been able to do anywork since the move into the cloud, can I help?
Well, not really as I cant access the cloud myself
Ah, so when I shut down my server room I shut down all my access equipment too, the stuff that authenticates my users and allows them to access cloud services via the internet gateway server, that wasn't a good move ut still we've saved a fortune by going into the cloud.....
Er no we havent, we killed the business.

So, an exclusion that is meaniless, really, no company can access the cloud unless it retains its computer room, unless of course it is completely mobile and even then there would be something technical around somewhere in the building. Really, the big consultancies should know better, should not allow themselves to be manipulated by the big vendors excluding some many real life events that render the purpose of the document moot.

Its a prime example of Greenwash, beware.

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