Friday 1 April 2011

Guinea Pigs Wanted

Carbon3IT Ltd want to test our hybrid energy monitoring system in a live environment.
We need a company with a small to medium data centre around 25-50 servers, UPS and HVAC installed etc.
We'll install our Greentrac IT Monitoring system on the servers and use non intrusive clamp smart meters on your racks and UPS/HVAC systems, we'll link it all together and report your energy consumption.
We'll need to gather around 3 -6 months worth of data, and we'd like to write a report and post it on our website, this will be a real interactive report detailing every aspect of the installation (notes from the field if you like!)
We'll install and configure the system for free and provide a free DC Health Check report that you can use if you are planning to apply for participation to the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres energy efficiency (its basically an assessement of your readiness).
After the test period, you can purchase the equipment or we'll take it out at no charge.
Offer only available in the UK.

Contact us on 01926 843389 or 07897 780337 or email or

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