Monday 24 May 2010

Virtualisation & Thin Clients is not the only answer!

Many companies involved in Green IT will tell you that virtialisation and thin clients are the answer to sustainable computing. Its not!
Here at Carbon3IT Ltd we think that whilst virtualisation and thin client technology are methods of reducing your overall IT spend in terms of space, power and cooling, they are not the only ones.
We advocate a holistic approach, a fundamental review of all your IT activities, the striping out of un-used software, the removal of masses of identical files clogging up your storage, the reuse of pc's for older applications and for systems that do not require high spec pc's.
In essence keep it simple.
We can assist all types of organisations to reduce energy spend, clear out the clutter and make your Information Technology sustainable, contact us on for more information or visit our website, we are in the process of updating it to provide a better user experience so please bear with us whilst we complete these updates.
We aim to update this site daily but sometimes life and business gets in the way.

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