Thursday 27 May 2010

Energy Ratings For IT Equipment

Just having a think about the energy rating scheme for domestic appliances and wondering why it couldn't be used for IT equipment
I know that there are a couple of schemes out there such as epeat and energy star but it is still confusing for organisations to select equipment that will be energy efficient over the equipments projected lifetime.
A lot of commercial organisations still prefer to purchase from the well known brands without considering the long term impact of energy consumption.
A prudent approach would be to combine base lining software as described in my previous post with accredited low energy pc's and servers, that may have a complete 5 year carbon offset associated with it.
In the home pc market, energy efficiency is not promoted and do users really think about how much energy their pcs are using?
There are some free energy monitoring tools out on the web for home users to implement energy saving measures on their home computers and to work out how much energy they are using.

Time for the computing industry to grasp the horns of the energy efficiency dilemma and get a recognised global standard for computing equipment.
Differing standards and a lack of transparancy causes confusion

Sort it out!

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