Sunday 19 May 2013

Africa but....

not African, India but not Indian, France but not French, England but not English.
That was my first impression of Mauritius, there was the heat and humidity of Africa, the majority of people I saw were of Indian descent, the language is a version of French, but with Creole phrases and the billboards and posters were in English.
And it is all these, Mauritius has a wonderful richness, a hotch potch of cultures, cuisine, and attitude.
It is a jewel in the Indian Ocean, and I'm here.
I am here to provide the Government of Mauritius, funded by the EU, training courses and capacity building assistance in order to enable them to reduce the energy demand of data centres on the already under pressure energy system, this has entailed to date, 2 Green IT courses and tomorrow we begin the Data Centres element with back to back EUCOC and Energy and Cost Management courses, 3 sessions in total, followed by a report to the EU and the NCB, and some visits to various ministries to meet with senior staff to discuss their involvement in the EUCOC in both endorsement and participation.
I've met some wonderful keen people so far and hope to meet many others, the opportunities to help these people in their quest is simply just too good an opportunity to miss out on.
So, I'll be having discussions with various bodies with a view to providing even more help, and I'll be telling you all via these pages exactly what we're thinking of doing and how we're going to do it.
So, keep coming back!

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