Saturday 6 April 2013

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What have we been up to lately then?
Well, we're finalising the trip to Mauritius with the National Computer Board and the EU Delegation, and this is now all sorted.

Our principal consultant joined the Green Grid as an individual member and now has access to some of the world's leading research on data centre energy efficiency.

He's also been revising the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres participant application spread-sheet and this is nearly complete and will include the 2013 Revision of the Code.

Finally, we've been nominated in the company "one to watch" category at the Green IT Awards, please feel free to vote for us, and we thank you in advance.

What else? Oh yes, we were invited to give a presentation to the EPSIAE, which is the "European Programme for Sustainable IT in Academic Education" at the Birmingham City University on April 2nd on the subject of Data Centres, Metrics and the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres and BCS CEEDA.
More Information on EPSIAE

We must have done something right, as we've been invited back to the final plenary session on the 12th April at the IET Austin Court in Birmingham, you can still get tickets to the whole event (there are presentations, workshops and tutorials) at the BCS website event page BCS Event Page

So, all in all March was a very busy month, there's other stuff going on as well, but we are unable to tell you about them due to no publicity clauses and non disclosure agreements, however we will be able to let you know whats going on soon.

Just keep coming back to this page for regular updates.


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