Tuesday 13 March 2012

A Broadband Saga

Some of you may have seen some of my more vicious tweets to Sky and BT over recent weeks, and believe me they well deserved it, we were left without broadband services for over a month due to what can only be described as a complete and utter customer service failure.
Apparently, and I do not believe a word of it, Sky were unable to provide Broadband services at more than 0.3MB, this from a line that up until changeover from BT had been able to provide close on 2MB.
So, unwilling to go cap in hand back to BT to change back again we decided to see if any of the mobile broadband providers could offer us a deal.
Yes, it turns out they could, we had a 3 dongle for use on trips to London etc that was costing the company £14 odd per month, 3 upgraded the dongle to their new wifi dongle with speeds up to 20MB+ (when the cell is upgraded) which arrived when they said it would. We can connect up to 5 devices to it (which at the present time is more than enough) and we're getting more than 2MB at the present.
So, we've saved the £17 per month on the fixed broadband service, getting a faster upload and download speed and touch wood getting a better service and should get an even better service in the future.
If you're having problems with your broadband service, go see what the mobile providers can offer, you may be surprised.

Good Luck

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