Tuesday 31 January 2012

The pre- EUCoC/CEEDA assessment

Data Centres are defined in the EU Code of Conduct as any room/floor or building that is used to house compute/telecommunications equipment, that means even the humblest of server rooms can be considered to be a data centre under the code of conduct.
The EU CoC provides a series of best practices to adopt, to make your data centre more efficient, however participation is voluntary and the only thing you need to do is to send your environmental data to the EU every year. This data is then used to compile a report about data centre energy use throughout the EU.
In order to comply, organisations are requested to visit this page for further information:
However, participation in the scheme does not mean that you are in fact an energy efficient data centre provider, all it means is that you have committed to implementing the best practices as contained within the code in a 3 year time period.
The BCS CEEDA award on the other hand, is comprised of elements of the EU CoC, the Green Grid's maturity model and the Data Centre Energy Efficiency Framework (DCEEF) and is only awarded to those organisations that have been assessed by an independent assessor to a strict set of guidelines. The assessment provides proof and evidence that a best practice has been and is continually reviewed by the operator, it is in essence a rubber stamp that you, as an organisation have actually implemented what you have said you would. The assessor seeks visual and documentary evidence and prepares a report that itself is sent to an independent auditor, who reviews the assessment.
Only after both the auditor and assessor agree as to the level (if any) of the award is it passed to the BCS who issue the award itself.

With the exception of enterprise data centres (over 20 racks) built over the last two years the majority of data centres will not comply with the EUCoC at present.
It is possible that the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres (Energy Efficiency) will become a directive from the EU which will require legislation to be passed in the HP.

Carbon3IT Ltd are represented on the BCS Green IT and Data Centres special groups, endorse the EU Code of Conduct as consultants, are members on the "Best Practices" committee and are approved to conduct CEEDA assessments.

We offer a pre EU CoC/CEEDA assessment, a service that assists in getting your Data Centre ready for seeking participant status and to ensure that you will get a level of CEEDA award.
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