Sunday 27 November 2011

Environment 2011

We've been invited to speak on the subject of "The role of IT in environmental protection: data centre energy consumption", the event takes place at the Russell Hotel in London on the 1st December, more information on this link Environment 2011
This really takes in two distinct subejcts, the first of course is how IT can monitor the environment and the second is to manage all this data.
I've prepared a brief 10 minute overview and we'll just let the topic(s) flow.
It should be interesting, my fellow speakers are Bob Crookes from Defra, but also the chair of the BCS Green IT SG and Pete Green from SciSys.
Actually, I'm very excited about smart cities, that is to say the monitoring of systems within cities to provide more resource efficiency and information to users as I beleive it is really our one great hope into combatting climate change and carbon emissions, however we must be mindful of the impact this will have socially, although we are already the most monitored nation on Earth with 3million plus CCTV cameras.
Smart Cities, though are not just CCTV'ed up, they include smart (locally processing) sensor networks, intelligent lighting systems, water and air quality monitors plus a whole load of other stuff which would take me hours just to list.
Its all very exciting and I'm looking forward to the debate.

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