Monday 31 January 2011

Great Weekend

Our Daughter was invited to the Tamworth snowdome for a party, now I cant vouch for its "green credentials" but it certainly attracts a lot of people, the place was buzzing. However I do have a few moans, parking is not great, there doesn't seem to be enough staff to keep order and its a bit scruffy inside (no doubt due to its heavy use).
The play area had sledges and rubber rings with which to slide down some hills, but the top of one "slope" didn't have enough room for the child to get into the rubber rings without the risk of falling back down the steps, it just needed a platform wide enough for the child to put the ring down, get in and push themsleves off. After the play session, the children were taken to a dark room for some food and left to get on with it.
Later we went to the Malmaison hotel at the Mailbox, I can recommend this hotel chain, the breakfast was great and the rest of the food looked good, they have a locally sourced menu option which gets its food supplies from local suppliers, strangely enough most of it was sourced from near us, Chickens, Cheese etc. This cuts down on the food miles so transport costs are less and it keeps local producers viable.
The evening event was in the Garden Cafe in Kings Heath
This is a great little find, the food and drink was excellent.
The host had organised a band, that apparently had some famous faces, not that I recognised any of them! They played some wicked jazz, we had a guitarist, a keyboard player, bass, drums, bongos, and a sax. My daughter had never seen a live band before and was absolutely captivated.
Cupcakes from have to be seen to be believed, the taste is out of this world.They also look great when stacked on a stand. Not a crumb was left.

All in all, a great weekend, if a little tiring.

We've got a few things on this week, theres a few webinars to watch and a BCS Green IT committee teleconference on Wednesday and an SME energy efficiency event on Thursday, and we hope to be finalising another couple of meetings.
We're also waiting on a tender that was submitted last Friday 28th for some low carbon, low energy PC's for a school, I've worked out that the school will save over 3.5k in energy costs over 5 years by using this equipment, so although the capital cost of the equipment is higher than conventional PC's the long term cost or TCO will be lower, ESPECIALLY when energy costs are only going to go one way UP.
Please contact us directly on for more information.

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