Thursday 25 November 2010

WMICT Cluster

I attended the West Midlands ICT Cluster conference today and oh woe is me, yet more clouds.
Clouds are this and clouds are that, but yet when you talk to people about cloud services even those that work in the cloud and ask them the questions, they dont know.
If the people that work in the cloud cant answer simple questions then who can?

As blogged many times, organisations really really need to think carefully about entering the cloud, dont be taken in by the greenwash about the cloud being greener, its not.

And another thing, infrastructure as a service, beware beware beware.

Imagine you do enter the cloud and set up a host of servers, you'll be thinking about DR services as well wont you? Remember that some cloud service providers are also renting space in co location facilities, and you could unknowingly be buying DR services in exactly the same place as your primary service is located...if that particular facility goes down then you are going down as well.

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